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Not pedantic at all. I’m well aware of the relationship between later B-Series and Rangers, which is neat for Ranger fans but maybe less so for B2k fans like me. To this day, I trawl CL and FB Marketplace for a late 80s Mazda B2000 single cab with manual transmission and pinstripe graphics. Happy hunting. Read more

Ha. Yes. But the food! My stomach and taste buds are lazy and prone to generalizing. That’s what I miss most about LA — would routinely hit up Boudreau & Thibodeau’s while living in Houma. Read more

Ha! Steve, the dual sports and supermotos will get their own post. Come on! You know I love me a ’lil Dakar bike from Big Red. CRF300L Rally! Read more

Aw, yeah! Did the Deluxe ed. come with a Hi-Res download code? Or did you have to rip from the disc? I’m trying to decide which version to buy. I plan on catching the October concert in Mexico City. Can’t wait!  Read more

Oh, hell yes! Porcupine Tree is one of my favorites, hands down. I love Steven Wilson’s solo work, but when I heard the album In Absentia and earlier songs like “Nine Cats,” I knew I’d found one of the greatest bands ever! Read more

Agreed. I just couldn’t single any one out. All of them — including the Electric SuperVan — are incredible! If you’re unfamiliar with the vans, click the second link. There’s a gallery with photos of SuperVans past! Read more

The song ‘Sunday Sun’ on there is a favorite of mine! The melody reminds me of ‘No Rain’ by Blind Melon. Like if it were Beck’s sadder version of the song because, well, Sea Change. Read more

I’ve read conflicting accounts of his affiliation/rejection of Scientology, and can’t speak to the issue with certainty. All I know for sure is I love his music! Read more

“...No, no, no. Not 36K per person. 36 total.”

And there’s so much more to feature! Soda Stereo. Caifanes. Enanitos Verdes. Café Tacuba. There’s even an acoustic over of “La Caña” by Zack De La Rocha that will make you cry! Read more