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My god it’s beautiful

Of all the things to put up at auction, they choose one of the most historical of scientific items. It belongs in a museum! Read more

Down in H-Town the car itself doesn’t matter. What matters is the swangas

Trigger Warning: I recently lost my 745 Turbo to a drunk driver. It wasn’t me. I was asleep while it was parked in front of my house.

Yup, you are not wrong about lowered trucks here in Houston. I’m pretty sure I’m literally the only ‘lifted’ (level kit) truck in my school parking lot; everyone else is either stock or lowered. Personally, I think Ford should do a lowered version of the Maverick. I’ve seen pictures of them, and they look good Read more

As long as they don’t stop making other products.

Stop talking about these small trucks! We need everyone to forget these exist! Please, everyone… go out and buy that mega macho F450 with a 12” lift and armor plating. Read more

You’re fucking it up for the rest of us. Read more

I mentioned visiting Mexico City to my wife, who promptly said no, too dangerous. Don’t know that I agree but apparently I’ve been vetoed never the less... Read more

One of those or a Tornado, Ram 700, etc would be perfect for me as well. I don’t need a 4 door like the Renault Oroch. Read more

Management probably doesn’t want any more photos of Bugs since those other two guys left. Read more

Sigh. A Saviero is honestly all the car I really need. I never have more than 1 passenger in my car (smaller interior to clean too!), the bed size would be handy, and I can even deal with the black bumpers, and take the risk of VW reliability. Read more

The Jimnys and Yarises are lovely. Really makes me feel like this: Read more

I really like that Volkswagen Jetta Clásico or Bora. I really miss that generation of Volkswagens. Read more

My parents drove Tsurus most of my childhood and I can’t believe my brothers and I survived. Those things are unsafe at any speed. A couple of months ago I saw a crash involving a Suburban and a Tsuru in an intersection; the Tsuru practically disintegrated. Read more

Circle Drags at the local stock car track!!! Read more